Supreme Commander Insignia
Supreme Commander : Guild Leader / Commander in Chief and Founder of the Brigade of Honor

The Supreme Commander is the highest ranking officer and the final and ultimate authority on any and all decisions within the Brigade of Honor Guild. It is the job of the Supreme Commander to lead the guild on a day to day basis and ensure smooth functioning of all departments. He also is in charge of maintaining member happiness at as high a level as possible. This rank is also the Lead Administrator Rank on the Guild Website.

Deputy Supreme Commander
Deputy Supreme Commander : Deputy Guild Leader / Chief of Staff to the Commander in Chief

Deputy Supreme Commander is a Six-star General rank, and the highest General Officer rank attainable by a Commissioned Officer within the Brigade of Honor not counting the rank of Supreme Commander which can only be held by the guild leader. The Deputy Supreme Commander serves as the Supreme Commander's Top Adviser and Second in Command of the entire guild and assists him in implementing new policy and regulations into the guild. They also lead the Guild as acting guild leader when the Supreme Commander is away or unavailable and are one of the few members who has the authority to promote Colonels to Brigadier Generals. This rank is also a Administrator Rank on the Guild Website.